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Playboy Magazine - is a general-interest, lifestyle magazine for men. Its editorial content includes coverage of those things of interest to men including music, movies, sports, cars, fashion, and sophisticated entertaining. In addition, each issue features celebrity, politician and athlete profiles. Published Monthly.

Stuff Magazine - Stuff is edited for guys with the habit of acquisition. It contains information on the latest stuff for men, taking facts and analysis from consumer reports, adding humor and attitude. it has features such as how things work, 50 Greatest Cars Ever Made, and travel.

FHM Magazine - photos of the world's sexiest women, celebrity interviews, fashion news,
gadgets, film, music, mens health, sex tips and more from FHM magazine.

Maxim Magazine - Maxim is a unique combination of service journalism and irreverent humor, addressing real concerns of regular guys. Its success comes from understanding that men need to know a little bit about a lot of things; and MAXIM delivers this information in a witty & relevant style.

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